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Air conditioner evaporator removal

Saturday, 19 February 2011

The AC evaporator was a real pain to get out. It is held in place by a bracket behined the fuse box, which was easy to get out, and two nuts right by the firewall. These two nuts were really awkward to get to. To make things worse the nuts were just spinning and not unwinding. It took me a while to find two bolt heads covered in rust that the nuts were fixed to. I eventually managed to hold the bolt heads in place with some vice grips and unscrew the nuts.

I had a similar problem with the heater valve. I ended up grinding one of the bolts off.


It ends up the evaporator case is in a pretty bad way. This will either have to be repared or replaced.

I've actually started to consider the possibilities of doing away with the original heating/AC system and install a modern HVAC (heating, ventilation and airconditioning) system. Vintage Air makes a small unit but even this looks like it will be too big to fit. Just about every small car comes with AC now so I should be able to find something that will fit.

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