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Front Indicators

Monday, 31 December 2010

The front indicator lenses both had cracks in them. One lens wasn't too bad but I ordered a new lens from Superformance to replace the more badly cracked lens.

One of the units had lost most of it's reflective coating. I peeled the rest of it off and sprayed the unit with a chrome effect paint. It is nothing like as shiny as chrome but will do the job just fine.

I had to grind off the bolt holding one of the units to the bumper. To replace it I ground down the head of a 10mm bolt to fit it into the unit.


The reflective material is starting to peel of this unit but I think it is good enough so I'm leaving it as is.


Unit painted with chrome effect paint.


I just need to get some new lens retaining screws and these will be done.

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