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Rear Lights

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The back lights are each held in place by six nuts and of course one was rusted solid. I used a Dremel to grind the nut off but it produced so much heat it melted the captive bolt in the light cluster. A few of the captive bolts have damaged the light clusters and will not tighten up again.

The chrome effect plating to the plastic baseplate for the left hand light has blistered and has started to peel off. I'll wait and see if one comes up for sale some time. Other options could be to get the plastic re-vacuum plated, probably expensive, or there are some good metal effect paints available now which might be worth a try.

I also got a new indicator lens from Superformance to replace a cracked one.


The right side lights are seal up with black silicone. I found out that there are no rubber gaskets around the lights. I'm just going to leave the lights siliconed to the backing plate as they are well sealed in place and could be damaged removing them.


Right side lights cleaned up (pictured upside down)

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